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We are aware that

  • one of the greatest challenges to humanity is that of feeding a constantly growing population without harming the environment, so as to preserve resources for future generations;
  • food plays an important role in defining each person’s identity and is a cultural component that describes and gives value to a territory and its inhabitants;
  • farmers, livestock keepers and fishers all play a crucial role in nutrition; they have equal rights and duties in their work, whether they are small-scale enterprises or large-scale businesses;
  • we are all inter-related and all responsible as guardians of the Earth, for protecting territory and its environmental value;
  • it is possible to promote improved conditions of access to adequate healthy food in an urban setting, through inclusive and participatory processes that harness new technologies;
  • correct dietary education from childhood is crucial for a healthy lifestyle and a better quality of life;
  • knowledge and practical experience of both traditional and advanced production methods is critical to the efficiency of agricultural systems, from family farms to industrial farms;
  • the seas play a fundamental role in ensuring the equilibrium of the planet and therefore require supranational policies; an integral, healthy marine ecosystem is crucial for collective well-being, not least because fisheries provide jobs for millions of people and for many, fish offers the only source of high quality nutrients ;
  • scientific research is a critical instrument for developing and integrating innovation and tradition: its applications are valuable for progress, while respecting the planet’s biodiversity and the environment;


We, women and men, citizens of this planet, endorse this document, entitled the Milan Charter. In so doing, we make clear commitments concerning the right to food…
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We believe that everyone has the right to have access to a sufficient quantity of safe, healthy and nutritious food, that satisfies life-long personal nutritional requirements and enables them to lead an active life…
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As citizens, we commit to taking care with and being aware of the kind of food we eat, informing ourselves about its ingredients, their origin and about how and where it is produced…
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Given that we believe in the possibility of a world without hunger, and consider this a matter of human dignity, in the European Year for Development and on the occasion of Expo Milano 2015, we commit to…
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