Children’s Milan Charter

How much does a tear weigh?
It depends. A tear of a capricious kid weighs less than the wind. The tear of a hungry kid weighs heavier than the Earth!

(Gianni Rodari)

We, boys and girls of the Earth, have decided to read and to sign this document that is called The Children’s Milan Charter because we know that there is a very big problem: an increasing difference between what the Planet can give us to eat and the fact that the world population is growing more and more.

We think that it is not right that, in the world, there are people that have nothing to eat, that do not have good and healthy food, that cannot have good drinking water and that cannot use the energy required to produce and to cook food to eat.

This is The Children’s Milan Charter and this is our motto: “good food for everybody!”

We, together with all the people of the world, can solve the four main issues about food, which are: eat little or very little, eat badly, waste food and the fact that, in the world, someone has too much food and someone else does not have enough.


There are things that we really don’t like:

  • a lot of people are always starving, a lot of people eat badly and they are weak because of that; while there are other people that are very fat and they get ill because of that;
  • everybody does not have the energy they require to cook well and without polluting. It would be great to cook in different ways and to have the possibility of choosing how;
  • forests are destroyed and this is very bad for nature, and so very bad for us too;
  • there are still some ways of cooking that produce gases that are harmful for the health of those who breath them.

We, boys and girls, wish, with all our strength, to sign the The Children’s Milan Charterbecause we want that:

  • everybody can eat good food, and since it is good, it is healthy for the people;
  • the gifts of nature, as plants, animals and water, will be shared in a fair way, all over the world, for everybody;
  • every person uses food and the gifts of nature respecting our planet and all its inhabitants;
  • there are neither rich people with too much food nor domineering people that purchase the land that could be used by other people to feed themselves.

We want to tell grown-ups something we all care about:

  • we are the guardians of the Earth, and the Earth is guarding us. We must protect it, so that he can protect us;
  • we are also the guardians of the sea, home to so many species, source of food for us and source of work for many fishermen;
  • we can feed everybody, also children that will born in the future, without destroying the gifts of the Earth, but making sure that new gifts and new species will grow everywhere;
  • the work of farmers, of breeders, of fishermen is important to all of us, because it helps us to have something to eat;
  • there are many different ways to carry out these jobs: some of them have been the same for a very long time, they are part of our history, of our grand-parents’ traditions; some of them are new, and technology is required to perform them;
  • some people work alone and others together. All these jobs are very important to us and they must be performed respecting the nature and the animals;
  • every person is different depending on what he or she eats, and this is a great thing. Children from all over the world eat different things in different ways: with the fork, with chopsticks, with hands; there are people eating on the floor and others sitting at a table; those who eat meat and those who eat vegetables; someone eats rice and others eat pasta.


We think it is right to respect all these differences;

  • we are children and if we want to grow healthy, we must eat well, in a calm way, not eating always the same thing, but also try new food.


Our Actions

Now, with this Chart, we all want, boys and girls, together with grown-ups, with mayors, with presidents of companies and organizations, we want, with all our commitment, to:

  • respect all the resources of the Planet that allow us to feed ourselves;
  • eat only the right quantity of food, without exaggerating. And do not let food go bad and offer what is not eaten to those who do not have enough;
  • make sure that there is good water for everybody and use only the right quantity, without wasting it, so that nobody will suffer from thirst;
  • reuse, and so use one object more than once, until such time as it is really to be thrown away;
  • recycle, and we are talking about waste sorting, in order to transform what we are throwing away in something new;
  • learn, at school and at home, the rules of healthy nutrition, eating only the right quantity of food and only what is good for health.
  • make understand to those who cook for us that it is important to eat good food, respecting the values of food, being together around a table, at home and at school;
  • convince everybody, children, grown-ups and elderly people, to share food with disadvantaged people, with the sick and the poor;
  • live in a world where nobody forces children to work to produce food;
  • use our skills to obtain, from the Earth, anything we may need, without jeopardizing the biodiversity of plants and animals;
  • make sure that, in every Country, food becomes a right, protected by laws that can be understood by those who produce, who sell and who consume food.

This is why, we, boys and girls, want to sign The Children’s Milan Charter to make our voice heard by everybody, so that our motto can become a commitment: good food for everybody!

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